Get The Most Money From The Best

Old Jewelry sitting at home? Don’t wear it anymore? Old scrap gold?

Need money? Didn’t work out? Just don’t want it?

For whatever reason it is…

Don’t settle for less; we pay the highest possible price. Not only do we sell jewelry, but we are Chicago’s premier destination when people want to sell their unwanted goods. LMJ provides the best service and experience from both ends of of the deal. Our expertise from the selling end provides us the knowledge needed to assess items to their fullest potential.

What We Buy:

  • Loose diamonds & Gems

  • Engagement rings

  • Any form of jewelry

  • Gold coins, bars, and bullion

  • Luxury Watches

  • And more - please ask us about whatever it is that you have!

Step 1: Appraisal/ Assessment

Make an appointment or walk-in.

One of our buying experts will assist you in laying out what we’re working with. Whether it’s a stone, jewelry, gold, or watch, we will assess what the item is. The color/ clarity of a diamond, the quality of a piece of jewelry, the karat and weight of gold, or the condition of a watch. We do a very thorough appraisal of your item in order to maximize what you are paid.

Step 2: Our Offer

We present our offer.

Once the appraisal/ assessment is complete, we will check what the value is of the item. In order to maximize what you are paid, we access our worldwide network. 99% of the time, we pay more than the “going rate” of the item. We are able to do this because of the volume of items we buy and our pure expertise in the industry. Whether it’s gold, diamond, jewelry, or a watch, we will offer you the highest price possible.

Step 3: Agreement & Payment

Instant payment.

Once a price is agreed upon, we will pay you instantly. There’s no high balling or low balling the price here. Everything is straightforward. We will offer our best price up front in order to make the process as easy as possible for you. The process typically takes no more than 15 minutes. We take your information, the item, write it up, and it’s done. Simple as that.